From Brazil to Sweden – Amanda Candeias

I was very anxious and even a bit depressed when travelling halfway across the world. For 8 years, I wasn’t able to completely open up in therapy, a bit because of the trauma I had experienced in my life, but also because it’s my personal belief different therapists should be able to realize when a person is so hurt they can’t open up through words and try to reach out to them in other ways. Chemistry and synchronicity, as Carl Yung would argue, is essential in therapy.

Shortly before I traveled, I found an amazing therapist who I finally felt comfortable opening up with. And, in Sweden, I met five amazing friends and a very special teacher who helped me realize I needed help. This teacher told me ”be thankful, take responsibility for your actions, but rarely take the blame for them.” That’s partly why I’m thankful to myself on the insights that occurred to me since I went to Sweden. At the time, something in me ”clicked.” My anxiety levels were reaching peaks, but so did insights about myself and my past life experiences.

Now, back home, I realized most of my friends have issues with anxiety as well. I started opening up a little bit to each person I felt I can trust, while also trying to reconnect with old friends, which led me to meet new friends! I started boxing to relieve frustration from years of anguish, started embracing therapy (a little bit each session, continuously) and even gave Reiki a try, which I personally loved, even though I used to be a skeptic! Relieving anger in ways that can also be used as self-defense will make you stronger while opening up to different psychological and spiritual approaches will make you calmer. Each of us needs our feet on the ground to fight and stand up, and the relaxation to let our mind wander and to re-channel our thoughts. And that’s where meditation comes in, and an app which can be used for learning the basics of it is Headspace. Even if you think your stray of thoughts are too confusing and that you’re not ready for meditation, try to spend three minutes of your day in Headspace Basics.

It’s amazing what meditation can do.

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